Music is an essential part of human life. Life remains dull and boring without it. The mundane life needs a break from its routine and music comes to rescue. Apart from being a source of entertainment, it teaches many values and relieves stress. These values include: self discipline, one needs to learn and be self disciplined to practice, take instructions and criticism, and to perform whether solo or as a member of a group; dedication, musicians need to be dedicated in order to spend the necessary time to learn and perform music; teamwork, in multi-person performances, musicians have to work as a team for their performance to be appreciated and valued; knowledge, studying music demands that one also learn some level of music theory, history, and cultural sensitivity; continuous improvement, musicians almost universally seek to always improve their skills and their musical repertoire & self confidence.

At JKG. we have made sure that the latent talent of Young Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Prabhu Deva do not remain in seeds, they must bloom and spread their charm all around. For this we have the best trainers and latest musical instruments.

Our talented students have out shone in many Interschool events and also have been a part of Radio Shows.